The app that could save your life

Vivalert lets the people around you know that you are alright. Should anything go wrong, then Vivalert increases the chance of receiving help.

How it works

No news is good news

  • You sign up with Vivalert and give the names of one or two people to contact in case of emergency.
  • You determine a maximum of three times each day at which to report to Vivalert.
  • As long as you keep reporting on time, your contact persons will not be alerted. If, however, you fail to make contact with Vivalert, your designated contact person(s) will receive a text message and an email.
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What is included in the price?

The one-off price includes sending text and email messages. There are no further subscription costs or suchlike.

How many daily reporting times can I set?

You can set three reporting times per day but in practice we think that a setting of once a day will be enough for the majority of users. A setting of several times a day might be seen as being intrusive and also increases the risk of false alarms. However, the choice is of course entirely up to you.

What is the best time of the day to set as reporting time?

You are of course free to choose any time convenient to you, but around midday is recommended as it allows time for your contact person to react to any (false) alarm. If you set a late time your contact person could, for instance, already be asleep and might not appreciate a false alarm...

Should I report to Vivalert at exactly the set time?

No, not at all. You can notify the app one hour in advance and do so by simply pressing the button. For a reporting time of 1 p.m. you can therefore notify Vivalert from 12 noon.

Does Vivalert also operate on devices other than a smartphone?

Vivalert also operates on tablets and similar devices, but the advantage of a smartphone is that the owner nearly always has this at hand. This may not always be the case with a tablet, which increases the risk of false alarms. The functionality of Vivalert depends strongly on its consistent and correct use. False alarms may undermine the motivation of your contact persons.

Is Vivalert ad-free?

Vivalert is completely advertisement free and contains no in-app purchases.

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